Bulk editing posts for Jekyll

This website is generated by Jekyll, a static site generator. Static sites do not require complex backend engines, such as databases and software which recreate site content for each visitor. It’s just static files. This translates into a) free hosting (it’s cheap to host static files), b) super-fast websites (no... [Read More]
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Historicity and chronological puritanism.

Are we ever going to acknowledge the historical dimension of human landscapes?

If anything, archaeologists are much annoyed by messed up chronologies. There are always some “intrusive finds”, “residual artefacts” or “stray objects” that need to be sorted out and removed from the analysis. Archaeological layers almost invariably include small quantities of objects from previous periods that came there either accidentally, for... [Read More]
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Pebbles, faces and landscapes:
the archaeology of simulacra

Several weeks ago I stumbled upon an amusing article on a museum displaying pebbles and rocks resembling human faces, situated in Chichibu, Japan. The stones are called jinmenseki (珍石) and one should be able to recognise human faces in their naturally occurring dents and holes. The founder of the museum,... [Read More]
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Some thoughts on hillshade models for Lidar analysis

Hillshade modelling is a standard form of terrain representation in cartography. The idea is to simulate lighting of a terrain from a certain direction (or multiple directions). The method is well known and constantly improved in GIS – as means of cartographic representation. It seems, indeed, difficult to imagine spatial... [Read More]
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