Upper Austria : DEM 0.5m, DEM 1m.


Flanders : point cloud (8 pts/m²).

Wallony: : point cloud (0.8 pts/m²).

Denmark : DEM 0.4m. : point cloud (4-5 pts/m²).

NB. Free registration is needed.

Estonia : DEM 1m, 5m, point cloud.

Finland: : DEM 2m, 10m, point cloud (5 pts/m²).

France DEM 1m, DEM 5m.

Auvergne - Rhône - Alpes region patchy, small scale lidar surveys of various resolutions.

Coast patchy coverage of the coastal strip (Atlantic, Mediterranean).

Germany : DEM 1m.

Ireland: : DEM 0.1m to 1m.

  • very limited coverage of Lidar surveys.

Italy DTM 1 or 2 meters

NB. A formal request and 2 euros fee are required.

Trentino-Alto Adige DSM/STM 1m, 2m, point cloud (upon request).

Sardinia : DTM/DSM 1m.

Latvia : point cloud (1.5 - 4 pts/m²)

List of files for direct download :


AHN1 lidar point cloud (4-5 pts/m²)

AHN2 lidar: : point cloud (9 pts/m²)

NB 1. These links point to .xml files, you will need to convert these to something browser-readable (

NB 2. Non-filtered versions of the data are also available: replace gefilterd with uitgefilterd in the page adress.

New Zealand : DEMs of various resolutions (quite unintutive data portal). : point clouds.

Norway : DTM/DSM 0.5m, 1m, point clouds.

  • portal is available in English … but language is not really the reason why you still can’t spot the “Download” button :).

Poland DEM 1m.

NB. The label “Data for download” is “Dane do pobrania” in the Polish version.

Slovakia : DTM 5m, DSM 1m, point cloud.

  • the game is to find the “export data” button :).

Slovenia point cloud, DEM 1m.

NB. DEM data format is a mess; there is some missing data at the end of each file. Check at or for tutorials.

Spain : Point cloud, DEM 2m, DEM 5m.

Basque country : point cloud, DTM/DSM 1m.

Catalonia : point cloud (0.5 pt/m²)

La Rioja DEM 1m, point cloud (2 pt/m²).

Galicia point cloud.


Geoportal: and ftp download point cloud (1-2 pts/m²).

NB. Free registration is needed.

Switzerland : DEM 0.5m, 2m, point cloud.

United Kingdom

An overwiew of current lidar coverage can be found on

England - time stamped tiles: various lidar surveys beggining in 1998. - composite: Point cloud, DEM/DSM 1m, DEM/DSM 2m

Scotland Point cloud, DSM/DTM 1m, DSM/DTM 2m.

Wales DSM/DTM 0.5m, 1m, 2m.

Northern Ireland

To be continued …

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