Installing Python packages in QGIS 3 (for Windows)

Python is in the heart of QGIS (or in the guts if you prefer), which enables us to use tons of third party Python libraries. In Linux systems, QGIS will use the main Python installation, but in Windows things get more complicated. QGIS has it’s own Python, which means we... [Read More]
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Natural places and archaeology

First time I heard of something like “natural places” was some ten years ago at a conference in Slovenia. Several, mostly young researchers were proud to demonstrate an existence of non-man-made features on their sites, features that apparently gained a symbolic value before or during human habitation. For instance, trees... [Read More]
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Lissage du modèle numérique de terrain BD ALTI

Le problème n’est pas nouveau, mais on ne trouve toujours pas de solutions simples pour le « maquillage » du modèle numérique de terrain (MNT) très couramment utilisé en France, le BD ALTI de résolution de 25 mètres (lien dessus). Celui-ci est disponible en valeurs entières, ce que lui donne... [Read More]
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