Lissage du modèle numérique de terrain BD ALTI

Le problème n’est pas nouveau, mais on ne trouve toujours pas de solutions simples pour le « maquillage » du modèle numérique de terrain (MNT) très couramment utilisé en France, le BD ALTI de résolution de 25 mètres (lien dessus). Celui-ci est disponible en valeurs entières, ce que lui donne... [Read More]
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Looping through numpy arrays (e.g. moving/rolling window)

Numpy is the cornerstone of matrix based calculations in QGIS (and elsewhere). It does wonders with raster data (unless it hits the limit of available live memory…). A recurrent problem with Numpy is the implementation of various looping routines, such as the sliding window which is frequently used in image... [Read More]
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Visibility analysis for QGIS 3.0

Visibility analysis plugin is now available in QGIS 3.0! It has been completely refurbished: from now on it will be integrated into the “Processing toolbox”. This is a more appropriate habitat for the algorithm because of integration with the QGIS toolshed. It can be now combined with all the fancy... [Read More]