Looping through numpy arrays (e.g. moving/rolling window)

Numpy is the cornerstone of matrix based calculations in QGIS (and elsewhere). It does wonders with raster data (unless it hits the limit of available live memory…). A recurrent problem with Numpy is the implementation of various looping routines, such as the sliding window which is frequently used in image... [Read More]
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Visibility analysis for QGIS 3.0

Visibility analysis plugin is now available in QGIS 3.0! It has been completely refurbished: from now on it will be integrated into the “Processing toolbox”. This is a more appropriate habitat for the algorithm because of integration with the QGIS toolshed. It can be now combined with all the fancy... [Read More]

Tanaka method or how to make shaded contour lines

Contour lines have become a commonplace, unassuming companion of our cartographic outputs - GIS has made us forget their visual potential. Already in the 19th century cartographers experimented with shaded contours, but the technique has become known as the Tanaka method, after Japanese cartographer Kitiro Tanaka (Kennelly 2016, wiki.gis 2017).... [Read More]
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Polar (circular) diagram

Orientation of geographic features can be an important piece of information, for instance when studying ancient field systems or analysing geological formations. The problem comes when we try to summarise such data graphically . Standard histograms are not ideal because they cut through the continuous distribution - one cannot easily... [Read More]
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