Polar (circular) diagram

Orientation of geographic features can be an important piece of information, for instance when studying ancient field systems or analysing geological formations. The problem comes when we try to summarise such data graphically . Standard histograms are not ideal because they cut through the continuous distribution - one cannot easily understand the relationship between the … Continue reading Polar (circular) diagram

SIG collaboratif, solution simple et gratuite

Travailler, ce n’est peut-être pas toujours la chose la plus passionnante, mais c’est quand même plus amusant (et plus efficace) en collaboration. Il y a, dans le monde du SIG, bien de solutions pour le travail collaboratif sur un même jeu de données, mais le plus souvent elles sont coûteuses ou exigeantes au niveau technique. … Continue reading SIG collaboratif, solution simple et gratuite

Postgis database: free online hosting

Postgis is the database software for collaborative work in the GIS environment. Multiple users can connect to the database and edit the data without the fear of breaking down the system (except messing with each others edits - which is another type of issue). Assuming that the interaction between the database and the user is … Continue reading Postgis database: free online hosting